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We employ only the most experienced, specialized resume writers, who are trained and certified in recruiting, ATS screening software, and candidate hiring rankings.


Ensure your resume lands on the right desk! Your resume is optimized to get past today’s Applicant Tracking Systems screening filters, so it’s visible to leading recruiters and hiring managers.

60-Day Interview Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be offered an interview within 60 days after using our resume writing service. If not, we’ll edit your resume free of charge!

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75% of resumes are rejected by resume online screening systems and are never seen by the employer.

The most common resume mistakes:

  • A lack of keywords or keyword overuse
  • Incorrect formatting
  • Grammatical errors
  • Lack of specificity
  • Irrelevant information
Our service helps ensure your resumes gets past any screening systems` auto-filters, so it lands into the hands of an actual recruiter or hiring manager.
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Our specialized writers combined with our unique, expert approach help you maximize the chances of securing an interview for your perfect next role.

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  • Professional Resume Creation
  • Customized Cover Letter Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization. doc version
  • Thank You and Follow-Up Notes
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  • Professional Resume Creation
  • Customized Cover Letter Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile. doc version
  • Thank you and Follow-Up Notes
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  • Professional Resume Creation
  • Customized Cover Letter Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile. doc version
  • Thank you and Follow-Up Notes
More than 1500 of successful resumes written

Looking for an expert, who can help you craft your resume to boost the chances of getting a your next job? You’ve come to the right place! Count on our professional writers, affordable prices, and fast turnaround time. Contact us now!

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1. Introduce Yourself

Upload your old resume, or fill in a simple form, to share your professional history, expertise, and career goals.

2. Leave the Work to Us

One of our expert writer creates your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile. You approve the final version of each.

3. Results from Your Resume

Download both your ATS screener report and your new resume that’s ready to be sent out & guaranteed to drive job seeking success.

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Professional Resume Services You Can Trust

We help highlight your key professional skills, expertise, and background by creating a high-quality, custom-drafted resume that’s tailored to your career goals. Our professional resume writers, and personalized approach drive the exceptional results that today’s job seekers desire.

Ready to land your dream job? To be hired by today’s leading companies, you need a professional resume that’s tailored to help you stand out from the crowd of other job applicants. Otherwise, you may risk being prematurely disqualified in the first stage of the recruitment process. Without an expert-written resume that properly emphasizes your professional abilities, your skills and expertise are likely to go unnoticed.

Or you might have even searched on the Internet “resume services near me”, but couldn’t find the one which would satisfy all your requirements.

We have a solution to equip you for success in your job search. The Resume is a professional resume writing service to help you create, rewrite, and edit your resume, cover letters, and even optimize your LinkedIn profile.

If this is your first time searching for a job, we can help feature your skills, talents, and career aspirations, so you get hired by your dream company. The Resume offers affordable prices, so you can yourself up for success without breaking the bank.

Experienced job seekers also often desire assistance from professional resume writing service. Specialized, expert writers can give you advice on how to highlight your job experience in the most effective way, how to draw attention your most in-demand skills how to craft a resume to set yourself apart from the crowd, and so much more!

Why You Should Choose The Resume
  • Top-notch quality

    Unlike other bargain resume writing services, our company hires only the most skilled and specialized writers with expertise in recruitment, talent acquisition systems, and candidate evaluation. Our team focuses on the quality of every resume we deliver, so our customers get hired and return to us once they would like to get even a better job position.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Our professional resume service guarantees that your order will be turned around as quickly as possible. We understand that applications submitted early are more likely to get reviewed, so we won’t make you wait on your resume. Rely on the experience of our writers, who will have your resume ready in a mere few hours.

  • Personalized Approach

    We strongly believe that every person possesses an absolutely unique set of skills, which makes a candidate stand out. This is exactly what we do - by helping you demonstrate your specific and exceptional value to prospective employers. That is why each resume we write, or edit, will be absolutely personalized and crafted specifically around each of our customer’s career goals.

  • Variety of services

    Often professional resume services offer a limited package of services. The Resume provides additional flexibility and can meet you wherever you are—whether you need a resume written from scratch, a resume rewritten by an expert writer, a custom cover letter drafted, or other edits to your resume. To help you achieve success throughout the hiring process, we also offer services for thank you and follow up notes. In addition, we provide a range of services to optimize your LinkedIn profile based on your goals, including writing and editing each part of your profile from your summary and headline to your job history sections.

Let us lead you through simple steps of placing an order:

  • Upload your current Resume/CV, or start by answering a few questions.
  • Receive an onboarding email from the expert writer dedicated to your success.
  • Specify your goals, target positions, or any additional details with your writer.
  • Receive a draft of your new, custom-crafted Resume/CV for you to review.
  • Provide feedback on your draft to inform edits to make your resume even stronger.
  • Download your perfect Resume/CV that’s ready to be sent to your dream companies.

Our goal is to help people find a job, which satisfies their career goals and professional needs. This is the reason why our team always strives to deliver the best service to our customers. Since we are a completely online resume writing service with experience across industries, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for help in Denver or D.C., or applying for technical or managerial position, you’ll get the best resume based on your unique goals and background.
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